Once you’ve made the decision to sell, there are many factors that come into play.

      —The first factor that must be addressed is Pricing (See Below).

       —Is the house physically ready for sale?

      — What is it’s condition?

       —Will it show well?

       —Is it clean and ready for showings?

       —Does the house have private sewerage? If so, has it been     inspected for Title V compliance? This is a requirement for closing.

       —Have the smoke/CO detectors been updated? Are they to current code? Again, this a requirement for closing.

As your realtor, I will assist you in addressing all of the above issues prior to listing the property.

Note, pricing will be affected by the above factors.


When selling your home, a most important factor is knowing its market value. The market value is not necessarily what you want to sell it for, but what someone is willing to pay for it. Effectively, the buyers determine its true value. Therefore, it is extremely important to get a realistic determination from your realtor. There are many factors that determine its value. (Please see, ‘Your Home’s Value’)


Listing your home in the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is really a must, giving your home maximum exposure to the buying market through hundreds, if not thousands, of agents and potential buyers.

It is important that the listing in the MLS be presented in its proper context.

       Is the information accurate?

       Are there any exclusions?, Is the heirloom chandelier in the dining room included in the sale or replaced, are the refrigerator, washer/dryer included in the sale?

       Are there any disclosures?  Is the property located in a flood zone?

Again, as you realtor, I will assist with the proper presentation in listing your home.


No one is going to buy without first seeing the property. Therefore, it is very important to accommodate the buyers’ requests for showings. Things to consider:

       Who will do the showing?

       Are there pets that need to be dealt with?

       Will there be times that are to be excluded because of certain special circumstances?

As your realtor, I will be working with you, making sure these showings will not be disruptive, yet accommodating the buyers’ viewing requests.


Nothing like hearing your realtor say, ‘we have an offer’!

This is when the realtor and seller put their heads together to review, analyze and negotiate the best possible deal.

As your realtor, I will be armed with the latest data from recent sales that will lead to the most informed decision.


Once an offer has been accepted, the buyer will most likely schedule an inspection. The inspection may or may not result in further discussions if any issues are noted.

Whatever changes, if any, are made to the accepted offer will be reflected in the Purchase & Sale Agreement.

The Purchase & Sale Agreement is the final document that will carry through to the closing. The buyer will most likely use an attorney to review the document and it is strongly suggested that the seller do the same so as to negotiate the language of the final version of the P&S.


Heading towards closing, the seller has to present certain documents such as smoke/CO certificate, Title V compliance document, final water/utility readings, 6d certificate (if condo) etc.

All of the above, can go a lot smoother, timely and less stressful by using a Realtor.