As you are thinking of selling your home, here are some questions you may want to address prior to listing your home:

-       –What is your time frame?

-       –Are you planning on selling this property and then buying another?

-       –What are YOUR thoughts on current market value of your home?

-       –Are you aware of recent sales in your neighborhood?

-       –What is the condition of your home?  Perfect?  Move-In? Needs Updating?

-       –Any mortgages on your home?   Approx amount $________?

-       –Age of Roof?

-      – Age of Heating System?

-       –Is it on sewer or septic?  If septic, when last inspected?

-      – Are you aware of any legal issues involving the property?

-       –If you have pets, how will they be cared for during showings of the house?

-      – Will there be any limitations on when the property can be shown?