In preparation of buying a home, it is important that you first obtain a pre-approval from a reputable lender.

The pre-approval is a requirement when submitting an offer for purchase. No seller will consider accepting an offer if the buyer has not been qualified for the purchase. 

The pre-approval should be the first step towards buying a home.

Your loan officer will be asking questions about your finances so as to determine what you can afford to spend in monthly payments.

Following is a list of questions you should anticipate from your loan officer in obtaining a pre-approval: 

-       –Names & addresses for the past two years.

-       –Dates of Birth

-       –Social Security Numbers

-       –Employment History for at least 2 years.

-      – Are you paid a salary?  Hourly?

-       –Self-Employed?

-       –How much do your earn?

-       –Marital status? Number of dependents and ages?

-       –How much down payment are you putting down?

-       –Is the down payment a gift?

-       –What is your monthly comfort zone? How much do you feel comfortable spending on a monthly basis?